Royal Rabbits NFT

First Impressions

We all know how important first impressions are, so we at White Rabbit are making sure to come through with a bang.
We’re tired of these NFT cash-grabs as much as the next person and could see the potential for so much more from NFTs, especially for holders who really are at the centre of success for these projects.

We’ve let this go on for far too long, and White Rabbit have decided to do something about it.
We are here to introduce our first project…

Website: (coming soon!)
Whitelist form:

What are Royal Rabbits?

A super-rare gold Royal Rabbit, will you be lucky enough to mint one?

Let’s quickly get the basics out of the way so we can dive into what really separates Royal Rabbits from the rest.

  • 10,000 generative rabbit NFTs
  • 0.088 ETH mint price
  • 20 per transaction limit
  • Presale whitelist for 750 members (capped at 10 NFTs max per person)
  • Presale- December 8
  • Public Sale- December 10
  • Over 2,000,000 possible combinations

Bleh. Boring right? We know. You’ve seen it all before. So what makes Royal Rabbits different? What makes it worthwhile minting and holding?

We’re taking a different approach to giving back to our holders instead of the usual ‘royalties’ path.
Imagine your Royal Rabbit NFT is like a ticket, you only need to purchase it once — as long as you hold — to be eligible for our community prize pool.
We’ve teamed up with many different partners and will have awesome prizes for the community such as:

  • Eth pay-outs
  • Super Bowl tickets
  • Postseason box tickets
  • Flight vouchers/plane tickets
  • Holidays (e.g. you and 4 mates posted up in The Wynn Casino for a weekend)
  • A freakin’ TESLA
  • Store vouchers
  • PS5 + games
  • Gaming PC setup
  • Meet-n-Greets with athletes
  • Cash prizes
  • NFTs from other blue chip projects
  • Adrenaline activities (race car rides, sky diving, jet fighter flights)
  • And much, much more!

We are constantly expanding our network and getting more people/companies involved to grow this list. The giveaways will be held regularly especially when big events (like the Super Bowl) are coming up. On top of the prize pool, we will also be:

  • Purchasing a random Royal Rabbit NFT on the secondary market for 5 Ethereum EVERY. MONTH. (This is on top of the eth prizes too!)
  • Putting aside a % of royalties into a treasury to sweep the Royal Rabbits floor and collect other NFTs
  • Revealing 3 secret hidden utilities in the future after minting

We are determined on putting community first and hoping through our project can push what NFTs are capable of and support the entire NFT ecosystem. Royal Rabbits will be the first major NFT fundraiser and we want to absolutely BLOW everyone’s expectations, especially the non-NFT-believers. Think of this project like the Mr. Beast of NFTs, except y’all got a much higher chance of even participating! 😂

A little fun graphic to show off some of our upcoming prizes!

Who we are

White Rabbit is a team of early DeFi investors, builders and creatives who have seen great performance during this bull run. We have been early investors in a lot of your favourite projects such as BAYC, CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, $LINK, $SNX, $DPX, $YFI and on a more relevant note, $SHIB.
In our lives outside of crypto, we have ties to the sporting world (which is why a lot of prizes revolve around sports), love to party in Vegas and enjoy some of the finer things in life — especially cars. 🏎

We know what you’re thinking. All this sounds good. But is it too good to be true? What’s in it for White Rabbit?
As above, we’ve done well for ourselves in this bull run and wanted to give back to the space that made it all possible. The funds used for project development and to make the prizes happen will all be generated from the NFT mint and secondary market royalties (thus the 0.088 ETH cost).
What we’re interested in is creating a community and a name. When White Rabbit is responsible for one of the greatest blue chip NFTs in a very early space, that will be more valuable for building our brand than anything else. We will make sure White Rabbit and Royal Rabbits NFT become a household name in any NFT discussion.

~White Rabbit




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