Updates: Happy Early Birthday?

Things are moving so quickly at Royal Rabbits and we are hopping crazy at present.

The give away’s and partnerships just keep coming and we are so delighted to be involved with the team at GMX. Massive shout out to you guys.

We now have another massive announcement.

Behind the scenes we have been talking to the team at White Rabbit who are totally into Community First as their ethos and are going to be doing things with NFTs that nobody has imagined or delivered before.

Every Royal Rabbit NFT not only will have a place in our community going forward and the chance for all of the amazing prizes and cool Royal Rabbit stuff EVERY Royal Rabbit NFT will also be part of the White Rabbit Community.

We wanted you to know all about this and what this means.

As we said White Rabbit are Community First!

  1. All NFTs in the White Rabbit community receive a birthday present. If you are the original holder from the original minting you will get a birthday present to the original value of 5% of your NFT.
  2. All original holders are guaranteed a position on launches going forward.
  3. On the birthday of your NFT we will offer buy back options or incentives to the original holder going forward.
  4. The confidence and belief in the projects and community going forward is on a different level.

And it gets better….White Rabbit have committed to take a quantity of Royal Rabbits during the public sale. (this does not impact in any way the White List members. Although, the public sale will become all the more competitive). Why are they doing this ?

These Royal Rabbits will be used for charitable purposes for the Community. The first 10 rabbits are going to be used for a Christmas Raffle to provide help for the homeless at this time of year.

Everyone in the community will have a chance to buy a ticket(s) for 10 USDC, you can buy as many as you want. You will stand a chance to win one of the 10 NFTs in a raffle.

White Rabbit will then donate the original value of the NFTs at mint AND all the ticket money to help make a better Xmas for the homeless.

Yes you are reading this correctly. White Rabbit are acquiring the NFTs at mint, then giving the same value again to charity. The raffle winner will then be sent the original NFT. Just another way of giving the NFTs to our community for you to grow your collections.

The whole process will be audited and the donation will be featured on twitter and the web page.

This is just the start of the journey for your NFT. There is so much going forward. Your NFT will have voting rights and be able to influence which charities and community initiatives are supported going forward.

We know that White Rabbit will have some BIG announcements in the next couple of weeks and we wanted you all to have the heads up.

All we can say is get on this journey NOW and don’t miss out on being a part of this amazing community and HODL those NFTs if you are lucky enough to get one!





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